Rose Capital of the World

A wannabe pole dancer and her Elvis-impersonator father. A college professor and his student/lover at a writing conference on the cliffs of Mendocino. An injured Iraq veteran, who returns to find his family’s Mexican restaurant abandoned. These are the people and places of the Forgotten California, the landscape of Larry Hill’s second short story collection. 

“Cocido,” the lead story, won New York University’s 2010 Goldenberg Prize for fiction.


Streak Hitter

His life is about to change... A utility player for the San Francisco Giants, Navo LeJeune finds himself in the unlikely position of challenging Joe DiMaggio’s hallowed hitting streak. Go beyond the batter’s box into a world of betrayal, strife, family pride, and a love affair as surprising as the streak itself.


Saroyan's Bookie

Short fiction about people looking for bigger love, bigger art and bigger winning tickets.


Til Morning

He was the dreamy pop star at the top of the charts. She was the most renowned female journalist of her time. They had fame, power, and money. The last thing they needed was love.